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Focus on authentic flavors and down-to-earth service with a passion for cozy hospitality

Taste takes time to develop, requires good dexterity and not least a passionate soul to achieve authenticity. At ONE TEN Providence, the organic bread is home-baked, just as the stock for the kitchen's famous sauces is also made in-house from scratch. The style is inspired by the Nordic mindset for the compositions of dishes and menus, as well as based on the good French cooking techniques. AS one of the only restaurants in the country, you get your beef tenderloin flambéed in port wine and cognac at the table - just as it should be...

So what do guests think of ONE TEN so far??

From Google og Tripadvisor:

“Absolutely outstanding food and service”

“Words simply cannot express how special this Copenhagen restaurant is!”

“OMG this is a wonderful place to eat and I can honestly say it's as good if not better than restaurants at the savoy and ritz hotels in London”

“An absolute gem!! Food, service, atmosphere is top notch!! Get here before everyone finds this place!”

ONE hundred procent not to be missed. Faultless

Ten out of ten for ONE TEN

Charming and romantically furnished premises in a listed building in Copenhagen's historic Latin quarter

Restaurant ONE TEN is ideal for smaller groups - companies - and businesses. The romantic atmosphere in the charming rooms is further strengthened by the crooked floors, angles and windows. A unique experience that sticks to...

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With ONE TEN to the party...

Gathering in the house

Restaurant One Ten offers an unforgettable experience from start to finish. The restaurant, located in a beautiful and historic building, welcomes guests with its charming atmosphere and exquisite gastronomy.

When you arrive at Restaurant One Ten for your party or event, you are immediately greeted by the elegant and sophisticated interior. The tasteful decor creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere that is perfect for any kind of gathering, be it a wedding reception, a birthday party, a Christmas lunch or a business dinner. With only a few minutes' walk to the Town Hall Square, it would be obvious to hold the New Year's party in the intimate and charming premises.

One of the most impressive aspects of partying at Restaurant One Ten is undoubtedly the food. The kitchen is known for its culinary expertise, where the chefs use the finest ingredients to create tasty and artistic dishes. The menu is carefully composed and adapted to your preferences and needs. Guests can look forward to enjoying gourmet meals that tantalize the taste buds and leave a lasting impression.

The staff at Restaurant One Ten are an important part of the experience. They are welcoming, professional and dedicated to making sure your party or event runs smoothly. From serving delicious drinks to making sure guests have everything they need, the staff go out of their way to create a comfortable atmosphere and take care of every detail.

Also happy to organize events in your premises! The team behind Restaurant ONE TEN Providence has good and broad experience with catering and private dining events on many different levels. For example, the Viking Games in Jels, DM and NM in show jumping (responsible for all catering offers such as the café tent, the VIP tent, the Sponsor tent and the Knights' Hall with the knight's party), Sponsor dinners for TTH men's handball as well as exclusive hunting dinners, Christmas lunches and other private dining events in the guests' own premises. Please contact event manager Bjørn Lauridsen to hear more.

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